Below are links to commonly used EEG analysis tools (please note that this does not represent all analysis tools; here, we are merely providing a more convenient access point. All related analysis tools are our "teachers" in the field💪💪💪).  


EEGLAB is an open-source toolbox for processing and analyzing EEG data, developed in MATLAB. It offers a comprehensive suite of user-friendly graphical interfaces and extendable command-line functions, including data import, preprocessing, visualization, time-frequency analysis, and statistical analysis. 


FieldTrip is a MATLAB software package for analyzing electrophysiological data, including EEG and magnetoencephalography (MEG). It focuses on complex data analysis, such as time series analysis, source localization, and statistical analysis. 


Brainstorm is a MATLAB application that offers a user-friendly interface for processing EEG, MEG, NIRS, and electrophysiological recordings. It supports multiple data formats and is suitable for both research and clinical applications. 


MNE-Python is a Python-based toolkit for analyzing EEG and MEG data. It provides a range of tools for everything from preprocessing to advanced analyses, including source estimation, statistical analysis, and visualization.