About us

Our team is primarily composed of a group of students from the Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University🏥. We noticed that many neurosurgeons encounter difficulties with the analysis and handling of EEG data in clinical practice📋. Therefore, under the guidance of Professors Changming Wang and Guoguang Zhao🧑‍💼, we have developed this toolkit named EPAT based on EEGLAB. Although there are still many unsolved issues, we are actively working on continuous improvement and optimization. We hope to provide clinicians with a more streamlined and efficient tool for EEG/ERP analysis and processing in the future⭐. The student members include Jianwei Shi, Xun Gong, Ziang Song, Yanfeng Yang, Wenkai Xie, Xiangjie Sun, Hang Xu, Zhikai Yu, Yihe Wang, Huaiqiang Zhang, Ting Tang, Quanlei Liu, Chao Zhang, Yang Dai, Qinghua Li, Jinkun Xu, and Tao Feng. 

We hope that more experts and students from related fields will help and join us in the future to advance the iterative updates of EPAT ! 🥰